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My wife won’t do these things, so you have to

  • Postnummer: 2300
  • Aldersgruppe: 41-45
  • Højde: 170-174
  • Kropsbygning: Normal
  • Ønskede aldersgrupper: 26-34, 35-40, 41-45, 46-50
  • Oprettet: 7. juni 2019 11:17
  • Udløber: Denne annonce er udløbet

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I’ve got a nice, healthy cock and I know how to use it. But I want to use it a lot more than I do. I’m looking for a married man who is either serious about trying the passive role, or has enough experience with it to know he likes it. You know who you are. And you can easily imagine how good it would be to have a regular hookup where you get all the cock you can handle.

Your duties are simple: I’ll tell you exactly what to do and you’ll do it. If I push your boundaries let me know and I’ll back off, but, well, part of the fun is pushing those boundaries, gently but persistently… (but nothing rough, nothing extreme. I’m into straight-up active guy uses passive guy while talking dirty and everybody gets what they want.)

I’m serious but careful. You are too.

Feel free to write and ask questions. Jeg kan læse dansk.

Annonce-ID: 9095cfa2468060a4



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Et svar til “My wife won’t do these things, so you have to”

  1. Kbhpasivsluger den 23. juli 2019 @ 01:03

    If you have a place i would like to be introduced to the Bj evt “push” me to swallow and reach my limit of throatfucked.

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  • Oprettet af: verbaldom
  • Medlem siden: 2. juni 2019

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